What to expect from Atiku If he becomes President – Ndubuisi Emedosi

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(Last Updated On: June 11, 2018)

It is an undisputable fact that Nigeria as a country has been dealt with many times by ‘politrickians’ posing as politicians, who have made a total mess of our political, economic and social systems. We have been made victims of failed and unrealistic promises, and have been totally neglected by our supposed messengers of government. These accumulated ills on the side of some disgruntles elements have painted a picture that every politician is corrupt. Contrarily, not every political actor is corrupt, handful of them are noted as incorruptible.

Nigerians seem to have lost hope completely on our politicians since the emergence of the APC-led government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, whose leadership style is best described as a colossal, calamitous, and a true definition of failure! It is on record that none of his promises saw the reality of light. This abnormality is the height of misrepresentation in our modern day democracy.

Good of a thing that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has decided to raise the flag, all hope is not lost. Certainly, Waziri Adamawa will usher us into a new phase of a restructured Nigeria. The Jada-born politician has maintained over time, almost at every platform he mounts, that he will restructure Nigeria in six months if elected president in the 2019 presidential election.

According to Atiku, in one of his speeches, he said that he would offer a matching grant of $250 million each to the 36 states of the federation to challenge them to enhance their internally generated revenue.

He also maintained thus, ‘beyond institutional and administrative reforms to improve operational efficiency of the revenue agencies, the federating units will be challenged to double their efforts in rebuilding the fiscal-social contract by enhancing service delivery in key areas such as health, education, water supply and infrastructural development. Only this would change the predominant perception that government revenues are diverted to the private accounts of politicians and their cronies.’

The reason for his submission is that the Federal Government is being accused of some misgivings, even when it is not supposed to be its area of responsibility.

Going by the above statement of the former vice president, it is no more news that if he becomes president, Nigerians would expect relinquishing more powers to states. By so doing, the current existing revenue-sharing formula will be changed, this will give states enough funds to invest, and likewise be held accountable by their residents when the funds are not judiciously utilized.

A new Nigeria is possible, with the help of competent professionals across ethnic divide. A vote for Atiku is a yes for a new order of a reformed and restructured Nigeria!

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