The Unending Rift in the Saraki’s Family

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(Last Updated On: June 9, 2018)

There has been and continuing feud between the number three citizen of Nigeria, Senator Bukola Saraki, and his sister, Gbemisola Saraki.

This started when Bukola Saraki was seeking re-election for a second term as Governor of Kwara state, and Gbemisola showed interest in running for the same position.

While the late Waziri of Ilorin, their father, showered support on Gbemisola’s gubernatorial ambition, he also backed his older son, Bukola, for the position.

Gbemisola eventually contested for the seat on the platform of the Allied Congress Party (ACP). When their father died, the children could not feign unity as Gbemisola and her other siblings, Tope and Laolu, distanced themselves from their brother Bukola during the one-year memorial service.

They left the venue with immediate effect leaving Bukola and his guests after the memorial service in a chartered flight.

Another report says the genesis of the rift started when Senator Bukola had an agreement with Gbemisola for her to step down as senator for Kwara North Central because he was interested in the position and was to compensate her with being the Governor of Kwara State; an agreement Bukola did not fulfill and this brought about the rift between the siblings.

While friends and family members have tried to help in mending matters, their attempts have been hitting a brick wall.

Not even the intervention of their immediate family could convince them to heal the rift.

Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki was a Nigerian senator who was elected to represent the People’s Democratic Party in the Central Senatorial District of Kwara state in April 2003.

This rift between Senator Bukola Saraki and his sister Gbemisola Saraki has deepened even to the point where it affects the people in Gbemi’s camp.

Information gathered says Senator Bukola Saraki has forcibly taken most of the people in Gbemi’s camp by the means of bribery and those that refused to follow him have times without number being frustrated.

An example was that of Honourable Benjamin Issa who was to be screened by the senate for the position of the NBC chairman, a post he was declined by the three senators from Kwara North Central including Senator Bukola Saraki because he was in Gbemisola Saraki’s camp and which was later given to Alhaji Ikra Aliyu Bilbis. Abdulwahab Agbaje [ak.a. femi whyte] was also nominated as member of Polytechnic Governing Council, Offa, a position he was also declined because he was from the camp of Gbemisola Saraki.

Inside sources say there was a time Bukola Saraki wanted using the open field, at the Saraki’s house for visitors’ car park but Gbemisola was said to have sent a message that such was not to take place except she was duly informed even though Bukola was said to have gotten the cement blocks to be used, it was put on hold immediately.

Furthermore, some people were nominated for S.A. Kwara State from Gbemisola’s camp, an effort Bukola was said to have frustrated.

This rift, an anonymous witness, say escalated to a point where there was a physical scuffle between Bukola and Gbemisola where the latter was said to have slapped him in the face sometimes in 2011.

This and many more as helped in deepening the rift in the Saraki’s home, a rift that seems not to be ending soonest.

In Kwara State today, one can rightly say that Gbemisola Saraki does not have a standing political structure anymore because Senator Bukola Saraki has overshadowed her in all ramifications, frustrating all her efforts.

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