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(Last Updated On: April 18, 2018)


As we commence the last lap of the academic session, how observant have we been in ensuring our wards get the simple skills that makes them the thorough future professionals of our vision?

Obviously, these are lean times, but we can yet give cutting edge advantages to our wards at no extra cost if we work around the attitude of observation.

Do we look into the books and other educational materials served in our schools to know if they are building observation skills in the pupils? Well, let’s both agree on one thing. All theories, all known facts were established through the singular process of observation.

Being capable of keen observation is important. It is the key to a sound education. Interestingly, we stifle the growth and development of these vital skills in a lot we do in the schools today.

Consider this book. It is a simple colouring book for Primaries 1 & 2; published by Rextun books.

A flip through the book may reveal only colouring exercises. But it proffers more value than meet the ordinary. The designers of the book have years of collecting data for research into producing books that encouraged research and observation in the beginners.

The REXTUN Colouring Book demands colouring through observation from nature and the environment. It adds value to the hitherto simple process of classroom art works and colouring.

Many other aspects of the content will effortlessly bring out marvelous creative variety; even in the special need pupils.

All these may be too late to implement in the current session. 2018/2019 session is around the corner though. Let’s resolve to use books, educational resources and extracurricular activities which foster the critical observation skills in our wards.

Remember, those who own the school owns the culture. And those who own the culture build the nation.

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