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(Last Updated On: February 1, 2018)

In the march towards the Kwara LG polls last year November, we were ecstatic about the prospect of a woman as council chair. We cheered and examined all the nice traits that can be found in Alhaja Funmi Salau. Today I want to pause and re-examine just how well are these traits manifesting to the advantage of Ilorin South L.G.A. residents?

Something tells me it’s too early to assess. But the aides of the chairperson, the handlers of her public relations have gone to town creating impressions. I read some posts on social media where the chairperson was hailed for constructing metal crossings across a drainage for vehicle movements around Michael Imodu Institute of Labour Studies. This is nice, but not in the class of projects to be given achievement status. These are sycophantic appraisals.

Fabricated metal bridge across drainage at Michael Imodu Institute of Labour Studies

I therefore decided it was not too early to sink some hard truths into our amiable Chairperson. The truth is, two months have gone in her tenure as Chairperson and no real thing has been done!

Perhaps two months, federal allocation accruals may not be enough to achieve much, but sycophants should stay back and allow Alhaja Funmi Salau to maintain level headedness. Then she can see in the right perspective that the challenges before our people is beyond the glamour of flagging off immunization programs and constructing metal bridges across fifteen feet length of drainage gutter.

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