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(Last Updated On: November 5, 2014)

Love truly, forgive quickly…
In forgiving the person that you love, you are setting
aside your anger and your resentment. These are
elements that can eat away at you and detract from
wholeness within your relationship. In looking at this
understanding of forgiveness, t is important to recognize
that it does not preclude being angry or resentful.

In fact, recognizing and feeling your reaction to what
happened is important before you are able to forgive.
Similarly, there is a difference between forgiving and
forgetting – forgiving is not about approving of what
the other person has done but is all about how you relate
with the other person, especially inside of yourself.

No wonder, one can hardly dispute Paul Boese’s submission
that: “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it enlarge the future.”

Is forgiveness really a virtue, or is it just a sign of weakness?
A virtue is the quality of being good…morally righteous. Forgiving
others is something that goes much deeper though. If you have
been terribly wronged, forgiving that person or group of people
is something you must do to open your soul and let it go and heal.
You can help that person by offering forgiveness and some that
harm could care less. I think the best example was in a video about
a woman who was one of the children experimented on my the Nazis
in WWII. She and her sister are in a tremendous picture of the
prisoners walking out of one of the death camp, they were little girls.
This woman had lost most of her family, friends and neighbors and
had motivated herself to live through a terrible ordeal.

Now as an elderly woman she decided to forgive the Nazis for what
they had done. She tried to explain it to other Jews but the hurt went
so deep they got mad at her. She tried to explain. When you forgive,
you don’t forget and the people don’t get off…they owe their debt but
you, in forgiving, can now move on and set your soul free for other things
in life. She is quite a person. This is probably more than you wanted to
know but it’s important to understand the depth of forgiveness.

I have no fear to add that forgiveness is another great virtue
of the brave. “Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is an attitude.,”
says Martin Luther King, Jr. It takes a greater person to forgive
others. At the point of time, the forgiven are at gratitude of the
forgiver. Holding grudge and plan to get even, go on revenge is very
destructive. We need to let go – forgive others – in order to go with
our lives.

By Segun Fadipe.

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